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The Infiltrator is neither a game nor an investigative report.
It’s your mission and the first political fiction written in real time.

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Paris, 2017: Plunge into the presidential campaign of France’s far-right Front National

First project in the PhoneStories collection, The Infiltrator (L'infiltré) puts you in the shoes of an officer of France’s internal intelligence agency. Your job is to guide one of your agents into the heart of the headquarters of the far-right Front National.

Updated daily and based on real-time developments in the presidential campaign, from April 10 to May 7, 2017, the adventure can now be played offline. With more than 800 possible choices and hours of reading, the Infiltrator is the size of a novel.

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Notifications with every development

Experience The Infiltrator as what it is: the first political fiction written in real time. Turn on Notifications to get the full experience.

A visual immersion

Inspired by man & machine interactions, The Infiltrator's visuel flirts with the obscur and concealed side of secret services and cryptography. A somber and dark design, both discret and mysterious.

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Author: David Dufresne

Author and director of interactive documentaries, artist-in-residence at MIT’s Open Documentary Lab since 2014, and old-school punk investigative journalist, David Dufresne is the author of some ten investigative books, including Tarnac, magasin général (Calmann Lévy, 2012), heralded as “a small masterpiece” by Le Monde.

Among the interactive projects he has written and directed are Hors Jeu (2016, Arte/Upian, with Patrick Oberli), Dada-Data (2016, Arte/SSR SRG, with Anita Hugi and AKFN), Fort McMoney (2013, Toxa/Arte/ONF), and Prison Valley (with Philippe Brault, 2010, Upian/Arte), winner of the 2011 World Press Photo Award for Interactive Multimedia. Long a reporter for Libération, he also cofounded the online investigative journal Mediapart.

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